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Festivals in Myanmar

Festivals in March (Dabodwei/Tabaung)

Sand Pagoda Festival

One of the traditional festivals of the month Tabaung (March) is the festival of the pagoda or stupa on the broad sand banks along the river of the locality. It falls on the full moon day of the month, Tabaung. During the Pagoda festival, there are shopping malls where the visitors from adjacent villages buy and sell. The free shows of Theatrical troupes, dancing troupe and marionette troupe are engaged.

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Shwe Umin Pagoda Festival

Pindaya Shwe Oo Min cave Pagoda festival is held on and around Full moon day of Tabaung as well. It starts seven days before the full moon day. During the festival time. thousands of devotees come from villages around the area to the cave. A kind of pagoda mall is set up at the foot of the hill under big shady Banyan trees to sell local products.

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Kakku Pagoda Festival

Annually in March. on the full moon day of Tabaung (March) which is the last month of the Myanmar lunar calendar. Kakku Pagoda festival takes place. Normally the festival will begin two or three days in advance for this is not just a religious festival but also a social occasion. It is the time for all to have fun. exchange news and gossips. to trade. For the younger set it is the time to meet their friends from other villages... read more

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

The festival of the Shwedagon Pagoda is celebrated on the fullmoon day of Tabaung (March) every year. This is the eand mark of Myanmar. vistible from all directions. It situates on the hill of seinguttra and therefore it lore the original name of Seinguttra Ceti.

It was built by King Utkalapa enshrinijg the sacred hair relies of the sord Buddha in this life time. brought by the two young trader brothers Tapuss a and Balirea who went to Buddha gaya to... read more